Can View ®

The kit Can View is an easy to use tool which includes a USB interface and software. It allows you to connect your PC to the CAN line of any car. It works with either a CAN line 11 bits or 29 bits.


The software CAN VIEW is an easy to use tool that allows the analysis of a CAN line in a short time.

It allows you to: see all the connected data frames transmitted through the CAN line, interpret the data transmitted, convert the data frames, and store the created conversions from the CAN analysis.

It also incorporates a function which allows the transmission of data frames.


Kit Description:
  • This kit includes :

      -USB Interface

      -CAN VIEW software


  • Manual in format PDF


  • Interface box manufactured with rigid plastic


  • Connector for the CAN bus type D-sub, 9 pins


  • Drivers for Windows® XP
Specifications and Features:
  • Compliance with these specifications:

      CAN 2.0A (11-bits ID)

      CAN 2.0B (29-bits ID)


  • Baud Rate selection:

      125, 250, 500 y 1000 KB/s


  • This kit lets you connect your PC to the CAN of any car. It works either with a CAN line Base 11-bits or 29-bit Extended.


  • It allows you to convert hexadecimal values to other comprehensible values.


  • It allows you to send CAN data frames.