Marelli Motorsport Department designs and produces electronic and electro-mechanical systems for two and four wheels racing vehicles. In particular, it supplies hi-tech systems for engine control and data acquisition (ECUs, injectors, sensors etc.), telemetry systems, electro-hydraulic systems for gear box automation and control. It also provides displays, dashboards, alternators, voltage regulators, ignition coils, pressure regulators, fuel pumps and software applications.

Since 2008 Marelli is also working in the area of research and production of kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) for Formula 1 and other motorsports series.

Marelli has been involved in motor sports since its very beginning in 1919, and throughout its history the company has been supporting several world champion teams in their two-wheel and four-wheel victories.

Marelli’s involvement with motor racing is connected to the great impulse which Marelli has always devoted to innovation – of which motor racing is the perfect exponent.