About us

We are a company dedicated to improving the engine performance and fine-tuning for more than 20 years.

We have worked for many years in various championships collaborating with teams to increase their performance and overall standing.

JMR Motorsport is a representative of Marelli Motorsport products, CP Carrillo, AVL-Schrick, Crisartech, AT Power, RIPCA, Kent Cams and Acuity, Bardahl.

In our catalogue you will find electronic control units, dataloggers, different types of sensors, injectors, coils, fuel pumps, displays, connectors and wires, from Motorsport leading brands, manufactured by the best companies worldwide.

Also you can find pistons, connecting rods, camshafts, among other leading brands in this sector

JMR Motorsport is cooperating with an English based company that uses state of the art technology to improve cylinder heads.

JMR Motorsport has the necessary structure and means to install ECUs, ecu calibrations and set up electronics in the workshop or on location (circuit, rally, etc.). Our aim is to design, build and assemble wiring for data acquisition, engine injection and any other wiring that is necessary within a short period of time. We use a range of materials from copper cable to materials derived from the aeronautical industry, which achieve the highest standard of quality and performance.

In 2010 JMR Motorsport will bring to the market its own range of products developed for the management of the CAN BUS.